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A Cottage Girl

By Punya Goswami


In a quaint cottage by the hill,

A girl resides, serene and still.

Her silence, a melody of quiet grace,

In solitude, she finds her sacred space.

Imagination blooms in the hush,

A garden of dreams, where thoughts rush.

Each whispered breeze, a secret muse,

In the tranquil quiet, creativity infuse.

Her eyes, windows to a world untold,

Reflections of stories, silently unfold.

In the depth of solitude, she finds delight,

A symphony of thoughts, dancing in the night.

Silken threads of silence weave,

A tapestry of dreams, only she perceives.

Through the meadows of her contemplation,

Sprouts a garden of profound meditation.

A cottage girl, with a heart so free,

In the cocoon of silence, she lets it be.

Her world, a canvas of quiet sensation,

Painted with the hues of silent imagination.

In a cottage nestled 'neath the trees,

A girl dreams of a world at ease.


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