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For Art and Climate

By Leena Joshi

With brush strokes bold and colors bright,

Artists take up the climate fight,

Their canvases become a call,

To save the earth, protect us all.

They paint the melting polar caps,

The ocean's depths, the forests' gaps,

The endangered creatures, near extinct,

Their art provokes, it makes us think.

Their sculptures rise, like mountains grand,

To make us see, to understand,

The damage we've done, the price we'll pay,

Unless we change, act now, today.

Their photos capture, freeze in time,

The beauty lost, the world in decline,

Their words inspire, move our hearts,

To take a stand, play our parts.

For art is more than just aesthetics,

It's a tool for change, a means to ethics,

To use our voices, make them heard,

And fight for justice, for every bird.

Let's join, the artful crew,

And use our gifts, to see us through,

To heal the earth, and make it whole,

For art and climate, are one and soul.

About the Poet: Leena Joshi is a social entrepreneur and an advocate for gender equality and climate action. By founding Ethereal Inc., Leena was determined to disrupt the status quo and empower girls by mentoring them about climate advocacy. She’s passionate about gender equality, climate action and education access. Deeply committed to raising awareness about the impacts of climate change on marginalized communities and advocating for policies that prioritize environmental justice, she has worked with numerous organisations. She’s the Global Contact Point for Reducing Inequality and Inclusion Rights for YOUNGO at UNFCCC and founded a club at Girl Up, United Nations Foundation. She’s an author and a poet and writes poetry about climate change and gender equality. She’s also a skilled public speaker and has given talks on climate justice at various events and conferences. She believes in the power of storytelling and uses her platform to share the stories of individuals and communities who are disproportionately impacted by climate change.


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