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For my Grandma, With Love

By Aidan Romo

She gives tender hugs, sweet kisses too,

She gives you love that you knew was true.

So, I make this poem, for my grandma, with love.

She gives all she can, perhaps too much,

The grandest of gifts, a soul lifting lunch.

Now I write this poem, for my grandma, with love.

When the world seems its darkest, her smile lights up the sky.

I seek only her embrace, whenever I may cry.

When the blues plagued my mind, stronger than any flu,

There she was, saying, “I love you.”

You held me in tears, you watched me grow.

You mean more to me than you’ll ever know.

I devote this poem, to my grandma, with love.

Yes, with all of my heart, for my grandma, with love.


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