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By Punya Goswami

The moonlight shines so bright and clear,

Its silvery glow spreading far and near,

A calming light that illuminates the night,

A guiding star, a gentle and peaceful sight.

The world becomes a different place,

As the moonlight paints each corner and space,

A mystical aura surrounds all things,

A dreamlike quality that imagination brings.

The shadows dance in the moon's embrace,

Their forms so still, yet full of grace,

The stars twinkle like diamonds in the sky,

A breathtaking view that catches the eye.

The moonlight's glow is a magical thing,

It brings a sense of calmness, a peaceful ring,

A time to reflect, to dream and to hope,

A moment to cherish, to treasure and to cope.

It speaks of secrets, of things untold,

Of mysteries that are yet to unfold,

It's a reminder of beauty that's often unseen,

A moment to pause, to wonder and to dream.

So let us embrace the moonlight's power,

Let it shine down on us like a comforting shower,

For in its light, we can find solace and rest,

A moment of peace, a moment to be our best.

Image Credit: kjpargeter


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