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By. Nova Macknik-Conde, Poetry Ambassador at Rising Poets Community

The harsh winter left the barren grounds The snow melted and quenched the thirst

of buried seeds

And ducks rejoiced as lakes unfroze The children keeping close to their mother

On land or in water

Their father keeping up the rear

And the sun warmed and smiled upon all kindly And the flowers shily peeked out their heads And the chicks broke out of their eggs And began to imagine their sweet songs

And the rain fell and gave life to all The rainbow shone brightly And the squirrels collected their acorns Their bushy brown tails standing straight up

And the chipmunks buried seeds and berries And helped new trees and plants to grow And the trees donned their new leaves Lustrous blossoms smiling from a height

And the butterfly flitted from bloom to bloom

Alongside the hummingbird And all was once again well in the world


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