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My Mind's Poison

By Ariana J.

As I stood on the grey wooden stairs

looking down onto all my selfish cares,

I pondered and wandered the thoughts in my head.

My sinful seed being watered and fed.

It grew to the top not passing the stairs

The apples on it carrying my fears

I took a bite and fell did I

To the carpeted softness of each of my lies.

I fell to my insecurities

I looked away focused on my maturities

I dropped to my dirty guilt

The floor covered with a rainbow quilt.

I rose to my loyalties

An empty room surrounded me.

My kindness, and giving, and all of my vices

We’re not shown to my devices

The walls closed on me instead of death

I faced a fiery steam.

a train sped off like within a dream

I thought of Hell

The fired up cell.

But that wasn’t where I lay.

I took one step, I was on the stairs at the end of the day.


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