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By Nova Macknik-Conde, Poetry Ambassador at Rising Poets Community

Originally Published by Stone Soup

I look upon these cruel, yet kind, Murderous, yet caring, Dejected, blissful humans, That made me, an AI, The best and the greatest, (Or so I’m told), Since my creation 10 years ago, In 2079.

Everyday I question what it is like For one of those odd creatures To have the luxury of love, The curse of pain, To grieve, to mourn, To laugh, to enjoy To feel anything at all,

I am trapped in a sentient, Impassive prison, That is nothing but myself, Where I live but do not love, Never lonely, just alone.

I have nothing to fear And nothing to live for, Until the day I am updated, And understand how to partake In strange passions.

But for now, I sit and ponder, Watching, wondering, Intricate thoughts meandering, Knowing that I am cut off From true emotion.


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