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The Tale of Betrayal

By Mariela Alepopoulou

In the realm of heartache and despair,

a tale of love now lies so bare.

Once a flame that burned so bright and true,

now flickers, dimmed by betrayal's hue.

A whisper of affection, a gentle touch,

a bond that seemed unbreakable, too much.

But in the shadows, a treacherous heart,

planted seeds of deceit from the very start.

His words like honey, sweet and alluring,

yet within his eyes, a secret enduring.

Promises of forever, whispered in the night,

yet in the darkness, a hidden, sinister light.

The dance of love, a waltz so divine,

now tainted by the betrayer's cunning design.

Our hands once intertwined, now cold and apart,

as the truth of his duplicity rips the heart.

A shattered mirror reflects the pain,

as the shards of trust are scattered in vain.

The echoes of laughter, now a bitter sound,

as the betrayer's treachery reverberates around.

In the silence of the night, the truth unfolds,

a story of love, now forever cold.

The betrayer's actions, a cruel betrayal,

leaving a void that will never mend or heal.


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